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Professional pressure washing is probably the most bang for your buck you can get for upgrading the exterior of your Spring Hill area home because when years of dirt, grime, and organic growth disappear from exterior surfaces, the transformation is dramatic and satisfying.

The most successful realtors rely on trusted landscaping, painting, staging, and exterior cleaning contractors to transform formerly unsellable homes into the shining jewels of the local real estate market, and house washing, driveway cleaning, gutter cleaning, and roof cleaning are keys to highly effective curb appeal makeovers that raise property values and sell homes. You can trust Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC for quality, value, and safety-focused pressure washing and soft washing that will transform Spring Hill properties into curb appeal beacons.


Guests, visitors, salespeople, buyers, renters, trick-or-treaters, Google Earth: does it sometimes seem like others are constantly judging your home by its outer appearance? We offer a comprehensive selection of pressure washing and soft washing services to cover every home exterior cleaning need you might ever have. We have the heavy-duty equipment and deep cleaning skills for high psi pressure washing like:

And we've got the soft washing expertise, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and solvents, and no-pressure and low-pressure washing for applications like:

Residential Pressure Washing


Our professional commercial exterior cleaning services include high psi heavy-duty pressure washing, as well as soft wash and low-pressure washing.

If it's on the outside of your commercial property and needs cleaning, we'll employ the most effective pressure washing, soft washing, eco-friendly chemical application, scouring, and scrubbing methods to restore your exterior surfaces to their positive-image-promoting peak appearance, while always respecting the sacred trust you place in us to take the utmost care of your Spring Hill business property. We offer commercial pressure washing and exterior cleaning services you can trust, including:

Commercial Pressure Washing

WHY Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC IN SPRING HILL?

There are many reasons to hire Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC for your Spring Hill area exterior cleaning needs, but it boils down to one thing: we're the best at what we do, and what we do is clean. We truly care about each and every one of our clients and treat their properties with caution, vigilance, and respect. Our transparency and professionalism are very important to us as we ensure your satisfaction and the safety of your property.

Our spotless reputation is on the line with every exterior cleaning project we take on, so earning our client's trust through fairly priced, top-quality results is our primary mission. It's all about pride: pride in a job well done, pride in adding another satisfied customer, and pride in being the best pressure washing service in the Nature Coast region.

Spring Hill Pressure Washing

Same-Day Quotes

    We encourage you to shop around and check out our local competition and we make it easy with same-day quotes. Just give us a call at 352-737-6301 and we can give you a ballpark estimate on the services you want so you can shop around, but keep in mind that Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC is Veteran-owned, fully licensed and insured, and has a spotless reputation for customer satisfaction.

100% Customer Satisfaction

    We are confident in our abilities to make exterior surfaces look new again, and we back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are focused on customer service with a philosophy of friendly, courteous, and helpful value that benefits our Spring Hill area neighbors. We believe in building our business by building our good reputation and earning every customer's trust with complete satisfaction and superior customer service is our primary goal.

Licensed & Insured

    We are fully licensed and insured and have gone through extensive training to take the utmost care of properties and achieve the highest grade of cleanliness without collateral damage to less durable building materials. You can trust our technicians for the safest and highest quality pressure washing, soft washing, and exterior surface cleaning in the Nature Coast region.

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There are hundreds of cleaning chemicals and detergents but not all are safe around plants and pets so you should make sure any cleaning product you buy or any cleaning products your chosen pressure washing company uses are:

  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Acidic
  • Non-Caustic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Degrading

Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC uses only the safest chemicals which are just as effective as harsher chemicals when used properly by experts. No matter what type of chemicals are being used, plants and shrubs should be pre-wet to avoid leaf spotting.


We're happy and proud to serve our neighbors on Florida's beautiful Nature Coast. We serve the following communities and everywhere in between:

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Gutter Clean Out in Homosassa

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Professional Roof Cleaning in Sugarmill Woods

Dan's roof is just shy of 9 years old and had accumulated quite a bit of organic growth. One of the first things we do when performing roof cleanings, is to wet down and pre treat all vegetation around then home. The we use our soft […]

Phenominal Results for Roof and Driveway Cleaning in Homosassa, FL

Phenominal Results for Roof and Driveway Cleaning in Homosassa, FL

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Pressure washing is our favorite topic and we love to talk about the finer points of home and business exterior cleaning and care. Here are the answers to the questions we've been asked the most recently, so please read on and feel free to contact us to learn more.

A wooden fence can serve its purpose for up to 20 years with proper installation, care, and maintenance. Regular inspection, repair of damage, repainting, and maintenance extend the life of a wooden fence. Another way to extend the life of a wooden fence is a regular wash. Wash your fence every 3 to 5 years or fewer. Sealing wood fences also helps extend the life of wood fences.

The main consideration is if it looks good to you, but if your home's siding is a different color than what it started as it's probably time for a wash. Florida's weather can be harsh and unpredictable. High humidity and heat pose unique challenges to keeping your home's exteriors looking their best. When in doubt, call the pressure washing experts at Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC for a same-day quote.

Because they get even more exposure to water than other outdoor surfaces, pool decks are also more susceptible to attacks from natural microorganisms like algae, mold, mildew, and fungi, and infestations of that kind can make your pool deck as slippery as ice. Pool deck cleaning makes your pool deck less slippery and reduces the risk of slips and falls.

In addition to getting fully-licensed, fully-insured, skilled professionals who will do the job right, the first time, you also won't need to learn the unpleasant lesson that amateur pressure washing and exterior cleaning often cause damage. Your storefront is like a billboard advertising your business, so don't gamble on employees possibly doing the job right when the professionals at Saltmarsh Exterior Solutions, LLC are available, reliable, and affordable.


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